Sunday, January 2, 2011

Things i hate about fashion!

I know that if i say "Fashion" you are probably thinking about Paris, New York, Tiffany&Co, Starbucks, Audrey Hepburn or high heels...
Let's see the real truth! If you love all these things you're not a fashionista... Running with a Starbucks cup don't make you a fashion victim! Loving Audrey Hepburn and her "elegance" won't make you a trend-setter!
Fashion is art! Fashion is watching the world in another way! If you're walking in a street in New York, you can't see only the windows of the biggest coutures, you can't see only Tiffany, Cartier or Starbucks... You need to watch colours, you need to feel the smell of fragrances, see all the life there is in everyone! You need an inspiration. Fashion is not only Vogue or Elle. The real fashion is you. The biggest inspirations of fashion designers are street styles, nature, colors, paintings! This is the fashion. Try to not see the clothing, high heels or how much your bag costs! Live the art.
Art will never die. You have to keep the art alive.

Get it? :P

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