Sunday, January 2, 2011

Fashion Blogs

So,i want to share my opinion about fashion blogs and fashion bloggers.
First of all i think that a blog is just for fun, you don't have to take yourself seriously. I think that you can have talent but you don't need to show off yourself!
People should know you because you're smart, talented, because you have a brain, not only for your beauty or uglyness.
I know that fashion is a ruthless world but you should show everyone that you have something that no one else has.
I don't like when bloggers act like models. I personally think that i'm not a fashionista, i just wear what i feel. But i think i have a different taste of fashion.
I don't like dress myself like a barbie, i just want to dress people, to be appreciated for what i can do.
I won't post pictures of myself with 9233975 different outfits, i will show you styles i think people will wear, love. I will make you love things that maybe you think that won't match together.
I will change your point of you, trust me!

Tokyo, my inspiration <3

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