Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Trends

Inspired by a contest on Polyvore ( i was thinking about fashion that will trend this year.

Fun Fur Vest.
I think that fun fur is very fashionable and elegant.
An item that you MUST have this year.

Extreme Colors.
A bold look, with a bright colors. Very funny to look at.
So glamorous.

Bow Tie Blouse.
An elegant blouse is inevitable in your wardrobe.
If you haven't a bow tie blouse just add a bow, a tied ribbon or a tie to yours.
A very chic look :)

From Just Cavalli to Vivienne Weswood, the post punk style is a must for this year.
Rebel, studded and vintage. Let's keep punk alive and show us your rocker style. :)

Biker Jacket.
A motorcycle style is always cool if you want to be a little different for one day.
If you are tired of girly and chic dress try this look and show us your rebel attitude!
Rock that leather jacket!

The last but not the least...
The last one trend i suggest you today is... fringe!
Fringe everywhere! But not wear too many fringed item all together ahahaha
I think that you can use one or two fringed item at the same time :P

So, what do you think? What is goig to trend this year?
Any suggestion?

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