Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hileeery's Advige: How to be a FASHIONISTA!

Generally a Fashionista is "a person who follows trends in the fashion industry obsessively and strives continually to adopt the latest fashions", as the dictionary says.
In the real live, a good fashionista is not only a person who loves fashion and follows the last trends.
A Fashionista should be someone who has a great sense of beauty and fashion.
Fashion is not only about clothes and runways. It is much more! 
Fashion is like a canvas and you're the artist. You have to create a masterpiece with your own hands.
"But beauty, real beauty, ends where an intellectual expression begins. Intellect is in itself a mode of exaggeration, and destroys the harmony of any face."
- Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray Ch. 1
Now let's start the guide: How to be a Fashionista!
First of all:

  • A good outfits is not enough,
  • Don't forget your hair,
  • Make-up is important,
  • Original doesn't mean "the best",
  • Expensive doesn't mean it's better!

Advige #1

Like it or not, make-up is important for fashionistas.
A good make-up gives your outfits some extra points!
The only thing you have to respect is: Night\Day make-up! Your day make-up should not be dark! It needs to be neutral, feminine, clean.
Here is some examples!

Day Make-up
(This one is great for spring!)

Night Make-up

Make up is important! You woudn't look like this!

Advige #2

You can't define yourself a FASHIONISTA if you don't take care of your hair!
In fashion hair and make-up are fundamental, that's why Fashion Icons have always a flawless style.
You wouldn't like to look like this:

Let's see some nice hair-style!

Advige #3
Good sense!

Yeah, good sense! Because originality doesn't mean that it's good!
Don't overdo, get a simple style!
Let's see some big fashion mistakes:

Shorts TOO short and ripped jeans.. TOO RIPPED!

Low-rise jeans... TOO LOW!

Leggings are not pants!

Sandals + socks = awful!

Too tight!

Camel toe: TERRIBLE

Grandmother style!

I hope this post helped!
Don't miss next Hileeery's Adviges :)


  1. I totally agree on the good sense part of this post.I am so sick of seeing buts coming out of jeans and see through leggins :P

  2. Hahaha, loved this post. Some things seem to be very obvious, but they're not. The world and all the readers will thank you for writing about it and for the examples =)

  3. LOOOL.Pretty cool!
    I like sandals and socks! But that ones totally suck! that I agree ;)


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