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"Leggings are a type of fitted clothing covering the legs, which can be worn by both men and women. [...] Leggings are worn to keep a person's legs warm, as protection from chafing during an activity such as exercise or as a decorative or fashion garment. [...] In contemporary usage, leggings refers to tight, form-fitting trousers that extend from the waist to the ankles. In the United States, they are sometimes referred to as tights. [...] "  Credits:  Wikipedia 
So, i will start my little column Hileeery's Advige. In this section I will talk about what you should not do or to do, to be a great fashionista!
I want to celebrate this column talking about: leggings.
I love seeing leggings everywhere, they are a must for people who love fashion.
Also celebrities like Kate Moss, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham, Lindsay Lohan and many more love wearing every kind of leggings.
The only thing i hate about leggings is PEOPLE WHO WEAR THEM AS PANTS!
How could you wear tights without a skirt, shorts, dress or something like this? It's not nice seeing a girl wearing leggings with a simple shirt! It's inadmissible!
And now let's see some example:


Images took by

Have you seen? Some girls have a wrong idea about leggings!
Now let's see how everyone should use leggings.
Take a look!

These at least are short dresses, not long shirts!

Random pictures from

So, have you seen the difference?
You can wear leggings, but remember that they are not pants, not skinny jeans or skinny pants.
They are just tights. It's not nice if you wear them in a wrong way!
I hope I've helped.
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  1. Yesyesyes! That is my number one pet hate (and I'm afraid some of my best friends still think that leggings should be worn as trousers!)
    Not even to mention the horror of people wearing leggings with crop tops...and my guy friends thinking it's hot! Not cool.
    Glad you pointed this out :)

  2. E' sempre quello che dico io quando vedo certi "spettacoli" in giro..... no comment!

    xoxo, M

  3. oh wow, I agree, some of these pics are terrible

  4. yes, this is totally how I think leggings should be used. I hate seeing badly worn leggings, its just wrong!

  5. lovely post! Congrats on making the IFB list!

  6. leggings ARE pants.
    TIGHTS are not pants.tights are stockings
    people wear the 2 interchangeably and then fuss about it. there's nothing wrong with wearing cotton leggings as pants. wearing tights as pants is always ill advised.

  7. Leggings are not pants! Leggings are tights!

  8. Love the post, and you're so right!!! My sister always use leggings as pants, and I hate it!!
    The "shirt" or short dress o whatever should cover your ass :/

    Faby (

  9. i am soooo with you on this one! leggings have the potential to go either way and there's been a whole lot of bad lately!

    dash dot dotty

  10. Agreed! I always cringe and gasp when I see girls wearing tights as pants. I mean, if you have a camel tow AND and wedge, there is something very wrong with that outfit.

  11. agreed. the boyfriend and i gasped at a woman walking across the street in tights and a t-shirt the other day. not pretty.

    one day on campus, i saw a little sign posted from the following:

    makes me giggle every time.

  12. I agree, some look really ugly x)

  13. Congratulations on getting into IFB's LALM:))). I do agree with Cate though. There are tights and there are leggings. They are two different garments. Tights cover the foot and are measured in denier for thickness. Some tights can go up to 100-plus denier but they are tights and are classed as hoisery or underwear. Footless tights are made from the same fabric as regular tights. Leggings are made from thicker fabrics that are opaque - even if they're in light colours, they are not see-through and are sometimes printed with designs that are intended to be seen and appreciated. Go to Black Milk Clothing and you'll see the difference:
    Maybe there should be an international standards for tights and leggings;)).

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  15. Was that really Paris Hilton up there? I can't believe she can't tell the difference between leggings and tights. That's a shame. I'm a guy but just mere being with a woman who's got taste makes me know how to tell.
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