Friday, February 11, 2011

Alexander McQueen... One year after

11 February 2010.
For me it was a shoking day. Alexander McQueen, my biggest inspiration has been found dead at his London home.
You can't even imagine how i felt that moment. I didn't know him but his creations were masterpieces for me. He had a great mind, a unique fashion sense. His style was bold, imaginative, different.
In this last years he changed the world with his art.
I think that Alexander McQueen will never die. His designs will be stick in our memories. His style is immortal. Art is immortal.
One year after, 11 February 2011, we are still talking about him, wearing his creations or dreaming to buy maybe his Skull Clutch Bag. He will live forever.
Lee, we will never forget you <3

His last creation:

R.I.P. Alexander Mcqueen

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